Rules and Regulations

Here you will find the KMW Rules & Regulations in PDF format. If you have any questions regarding the KMW Rules & Regulations please contact our office at 319-524-5285.

Who is Responsible?

Who owns what? This is a question that is asked frequently. According to the Keokuk Municipal Waterworks (KMW) Rules & Regulations (102.1 through 102.4) pipe laid from the public or private distribution water-main to the point of service or building served are the owner’s responsibility and under his/her ownership. The private customer line can include: stop & curb boxes, pipes and valves between the public or private water-main and the facility served. In the Keokuk Municipal Waterworks Rules & Regulations, KMW is not responsible for any damages that may occur when turning on or off a private service line or main, this includes stop/curb valves (103.1). If you have any other questions or concerns regarding KMW’s Rules & Regulations please refer to the above downloadable PDFs. Here you will find the complete book of KMW Rules & Regulations. 

Service Information

Current Charges: Due and payable upon receipt of this statement. Current charges become past due immediately following the due date.

Penalty Charges: When payment is not received in our office by the date specified on the statement, a penalty fee shall be added. Failure to receive this bill does not excuse a late charge.

Minimum Bill: A minimum charge for any active meter shall be charged, although no water has been used during the month. This minimum charge covers the costs of metering, service availability, meter reading, record keeping and the first 2000 gallons of water.

Bill Payment Option: Bills may be paid electronically, by phone (1-877-885-7968), by direct withdrawal, by mail, by depositing payment in the drop boxes located at the front of the building and in the drive through. These services are at NO COST to you.

Credit & Debit Cards: You will be able to access this service through our website. This service has a small fee, for checking and savings payments through PSN you will pay a $1.10 service fee and for Debit or Credit payments through PSN you will pay 3.0% plus .50 if under $100.00. Keokuk Municipal Waterworks receives none of the fees charged by this service.

Transferred to Tax Lien: When utility charges are not paid, a tax lien may be placed against the property.

Returned Check Policy: Any check returned due to insufficient funds or a closed account will incur a charge to your account.

Estimate: If this symbol (^) is next to your reading, it is an estimated read.