In 1877 William Stripe’s concern for safe drinking water led him to found a private company to be known as the Keokuk Waterworks, to provide for the gathering and treatment of the waters of the Mississippi River for distribution to the citizens and industries of the growing, prospering city of Keokuk. The Keokuk Waterworks continued in private ownership until 1938 when the company was purchased by the City of Keokuk. The vote to acquire the water company called for the company to be owned by the City and managed by an independent Board of Trustees, the members of the board to be proposed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council. Subsequently, in 1938, a new treatment building with four settling basins and two filters and a million gallon elevated storage tower were constructed. Additional improvements were added in 1959, 1963 and 1979. In 1995 improvements began to replace the older treatment facilities with an entirely new treatment plant. Phase 1 of this plant included a 14 million gallon per day treatment process. Phase 2 added ultra-filter membranes replacing the conventional sand- filters.

Keokuk Municipal Waterworks is an affiliate of the  Keokuk Area Chamber Of Commerce, Lee County Economic Development Group & Keokuk Economic Development Group (Keokuk EDG is an associate of the Keokuk Chamber, to find information specifically for Keokuk please see the Economic Development tab on the Keokuk Area Chamber of Commerce Website).  We all strive to make Keokuk a great place to live and we take pride in the work we do for this community.

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Keokuk Municipal Waterworks

Awarded Best Tasting Water in Iowa

Water utilities compete at the Iowa American Water Works Association (AWWA) for the title of “Best tasting water in Iowa.” Every year, between 10 and 20 waterworks from across the state vie for bragging rights at the annual AWWA conference of who has the best tasting water in Iowa. Keokuk Waterworks takes home the grand prize for 2019. Judging criteria is based on odor, taste, aftertaste and appearance. Keokuk won this same award in 2005 and 2015. “Treating the Mississippi River comes with ups and downs on an average year. In 2019, we have had three record flood stages.  The Waterworks has talented operators with the ability to adjust to the variable conditions the river throws at us,” said Plant Superintendent Jim Maddox.

The Keokuk Waterworks is a state of the art surface water treatment plant that draws its water from the Mississippi River.  Keokuk Waterworks uses advanced filtration with membrane filters for the public’s protection in filtering the processed water. “KMW is committed to excellence and has invested in new treatment technologies and replacement of aging pipe infrastructure.  We are honored to accept this award and take the responsibility of water treatment as an opportunity and a challenge to produce the best water at the lowest cost,” said Board President Otto Hausch.

 KMW is now shifting their focus from the treatment plant to the distribution system, which carries our water to residents and industries. The Waterworks is proud of the high quality drinking water and take this award as a reminder of the excellence the City of Keokuk expects from us.

Plant Superintendent: Jim Maddox, Plant Asst. Superintendent:  Bill Seabold, Lab Technician: Jennifer Laubersheimer, Plant Operators: Chris Tallman, Don Oliver, Robert Gundy, Shannon Helenthal, Brandon Lemaster, Kyle Haney, Ryan Horner, Drew Lewis and Adam Hieatt and the Keokuk Municipal Waterworks Board  President: Otto M. Hausch, Trustees: David Bogner, Kimberly Boyd, Michael Hickey, and Ray Long.